Update from Match Secretary

Hi fellow members, please find below an update from Anneke Freel, Countryside Services Manager, following a further walk around the course. 

– A pipe from the existing open ditch at the 14th, across the 14th and 6th, will be installed with a drainage system feeding into it from the 5th fairway.

– A pipe with open reed bed on top will then be installed along the edge of the 6thto the existing open ditch which takes water out of the course

– The greenkeepers will focus on the greens and the tees, including the rolling and feeding

– We are considering whether or not the spoil from the new drainage systems could be used to build up the tees at the 15th, 14th and the 9th.

– The contractor is on schedule for completion in mid-March, including reinstatement works. I’ll keep you updated on this as the works progress

– Scottish power have agreed to come in and reinstate after the works that they undertook beside the 2nd. This will take place in the New Year

– Paths have been upgraded and we’ll continue to work our way through this work

– Better grass mats have been ordered and are in use by golfers.

– I will speak with the contractor regarding the issue of water sitting above ground along their pipeline route and ask them to installed appropriate drainage.

A further update will be published at the end of January.

Best regards, Davy B.