Update from Match Secretary

Since the introduction of the World Handicap System, there have been some changes to what we previously called the ‘standard scratch’ (SSS). This no longer exists and we have also had to change the stroke index on 17 of the 18 holes at Annanhill, this brings us in line with the WHS and also the USGA rating for each of the holes at Annanhill.
I have made the changes to the stroke indexes on each of the holes and attached a copy of the new scorecard for your perusal.
Some major changes:
5th now SI #1
12th now SI #6
18th now SI #4
14th now SI #2
1st is now SI #3
I do believe the new rating is a much more realistic representation of the course and it does even out over the front and back 9. This is now the stroke indexes you will see from today if you are looking at the card on the app. No general play scores should be entered until the 18 greens are back in play.
Also attached is a copy of the fixture list for the season which is due to commence in a few weeks.
As per Tom’s email yesterday regarding the course, as we are more than likely to have all 18 greens available by 1st April, I have included a couple of doubles ties for mid-March to get us underway but in a non Handicap qualifying environment. The handicap qualifiers will then commence from 1st week in April.
If the Scottish government’s restrictions in Mid-March mean that we cannot play 4 balls – we can do this but just in a 2 ball format.
I have not added these double events to the competitions that have been uploaded to the SGU app, I will communicate how to enter this at a later date.
All competitions up until July are now added to the app, the entry system will only allow entry up to 40 days prior to the competition date, I have disabled the ability to book a time as I need to change the 10mins to 7mins slots manually, please just leave a note advising of your preferred time (example 8am – 9am).
I cannot stress how important it is for you all to be able to use the app or Ipad this season, all fixtures, draws and score entry will be done this way and It is all our own personal responsibility to be entering, checking in and adding scores either during round or on completion of your round.
Please remember, with it being 2 balls for the moment, it is difficult to please everyone with their preferred time, I know the time’s you all usually prefer so will do my best to accommodate this as best as I can.
Looking forward to getting back out there and I wish you all every success for the season ahead!