The Course

Course Description

Annanhill Golf club is a public course situated on the western edge of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. A parkland course situated within the grounds of Annanhill estate with a medal par of 71.

Most fairways are tree-lined with regular out of bounds on both sides. The course is ideal for part time and serious golfers who enjoy their golf with generous fairways and small tight greens.

The feature hole is the 13th. A par 3 hole whereby you hit across a valley to a small green surrounded by bunkers and a drop off on all sides, very similar to the famous postage stamp at Troon, a par 3 here is a welcome relief.

Annanhill is an enjoyable course with a very difficult start. 3 of the first 5 holes are in the top five degrees of difficulty. The first is 440 yards with out of bounds right and a slope running off to the left, not many fours here. A dog leg par five 18th supplies the finishing touch. Out of bounds right and left and over the back of the green, the rounds not over till the balls safely in the hole.

Annanhill is well placed in East Ayrshire, 15 minutes from Troon, Turnberry about 40minutes with many of the open qualifying courses within 30 minutes’ drive.


Hole 1 McKinnon’s

Par 4
Yards 452
S.I – 3

A very tough opening hole, hitting the centre of the fairway is a must if you want to reach the green in 2. A long 2nd shot downhill to the green which is protected by 1 bunker but rolls off long and to the left. Take a 5 and run!!!


Hole 2 Clearie’s Climb

Par 4
Yards 418
S.I – 7

Another tough par 4 which is the opposite of the first, a big drive required to get to the top of the hill but avoid the 2 fairway bunkers either side or you have no chance of reaching in 2. The green is protected by a single bunker but 4 is possible but no shame in a 5!!


Hole 3 Lang Whang

Par 5
Yards 514
S.I – 15

A long par 5 that has out of bounds half way down the hole makes it a scary tee shot for the bigger hitters, OB all the way down the right with the 2nd shot and trees and long rough on the left makes this a risk reward hole if you fancy getting there in 2, large bunker on the left of the green and roll off area on the right, good birdie opportunity here or at least a 5.


Hole 4 Kennedy’s Folly

Par 3
Yards 110
S.I – 13

A little cracker of a hole, doesn’t look like much but trust me this hole can quite easily catch you out, 2 bunkers on the left of the green have had many cards ripped up in them and the bunker on the right is not that much welcoming, leave the ball below the hole and you should have a good chance of 2 but putting down the slope can easily lead to a 3 putt 4.


Hole 5 Bonnyton

Par 4
Yards 430
S.I – 1

Just as you thought you were passed the tough start this appears, the tee shot is crucial to playing this hole well, burn on the right and trees line the fairway on both sides, fairway is large but needs to be hit, another long 2nd shot required to get up on to the green which is protected by a large bunker on the right and OB at the back, tough green to read and again a 5 is not a bad score


Hole 6 Craigie

Par 4
Yards 387
S.I – 9

From the back elevated Tee box, this hole is a slight dog leg right with OB all down the left and the trees on the right again mean the drive is crucial to scoring here. The green is protected by 2 large bunkers and trees at the back, hit a good drive and there is a chance of a 3 here.


Hole 7 The Copse

Par 3
Yards 164
S.I – 5

A tough par 3 which depending on the wind can range from a 9 iron to a 3 wood!!! 3 bunkers surround this small green with another roll off area left makes this a tough green to hit, hit the green and 3 is pretty much there but miss the green and this could become 5 easily.


Hole 8 Nursery

Par 4
Yards 294
S.I – 17

The easiest hole on the course, trees down the right separate the 8th and 9th fairways can cause you problems but keep left of centre and this opens the green up for your approach, 2 large bunkers give some protection to the green but more than a 4 here then it is a wasted opportunity to get 1 back.


Hole 9 The Burn

Par 5
Yards 488
S.I – 11

A long difficult par 5 to close out the front 9 requires a precision tee shot, OB from tee to green down the left means right is the only option to miss the fairway, trees down the right do come into play and the golfing gods will decide how much they do come into play, the burn runs along the front of the green which does come into play for the approach or the bigger hitters 2nd shot. 2 bunkers again protect the green but play this hole correctly and you could walk off with a 4.


Hole 10 Mount

Par 4
Yards 352
S.I – 10

Another straight Tee shot required to avoid the trees on the right and the long rough on the left, missing this fairway means the birdie opportunity will be just about impossible, 2 large bunkers either side of the green makes the approach shot slightly difficult but hit the fairway and the green is crying out to be hit, good drive means good birdie opportunity to start the back 9.


Hole 11 Grange

Par 4
Yards 312
S.I – 14

Similar to the 10th hole the tee shot will determine how difficult you make this short par 4, bigger hitters can be tempted to grip and rip but go right and you have a test of your skills, play safe and go for position off the tee, green is protected again by 2 bunkers but there is a great opportunity of 3 here.


Hole 12 McLean’s Best

Par 4
Yards 379
S.I – 6

The toughest hole on the course, this requires your best tee shot of the day to have any chance of making par on this hole, going right is not an option and left is not much better, a long 2nd shot required into a small target protected by 2 bunkers and OB left, making 4 here feels like a 3 and walking off with 5 is not too shabby.


Hole 13 Plateau

Par 3
Yards 132
S.I – 16

The plateau, well this little gem often shows its teeth, 1 large bunker left and a little pot bunker right makes this a very difficult par 3, from the tee box you hit slightly uphill to a small green which is an upside down soup bowl but miss it and you could again be marking the card with a 5, club selection is also key here depending on the wind but regardless it is still an exciting little hole.


Hole 14 Annanhill

Par 4
Yards 426
S.I – 2

A lengthy par 4 which is a beautiful looking hole from the tee box but again it can quickly change in a card breaker if you miss the fairway, another long 2nd shot into a green that runs from back to front means you want to finish underneath the hole when putting, the green is the toughest on the course and there have been many 3 putts or more on this green, on in 2 doesn’t necessary mean a 4 is on the card.


Hole 15 Dundonald

Par 4
Yards 363
S.I – 8

After a tough par 4 at 14 there is a small let up on the 15th, a reasonable length means a 3 is not uncommon here, going left off the tee is the real danger but right is not too bad, drive down the hill and then hit uphill onto the green which only has the 1 bunker on the left, a good opportunity to get one back here and keep the score alive


Hole 16 Speirs Gap

Par 4
Yards 316
S.I – 18

A relatively short par 4 where the fairway runs to the right into the rough, left of centre off the tee is the shot required, 1 bunker right of the green is the only danger unless you are short right off the tee and don’t pass the hedge!! Green is quick and runs back to front so below the hole with your 2nd and you could be walking off with a 3.


Hole 17 Moorfield

Par 3
Yards 188
S.I – 12

The penultimate hole is a long par 3 which has seen 8 irons and drivers on the tee box, 2 bunkers either side of the green are the only real danger but if it is blowing a gale then this is what causes the most 4’s or 5’s, 3 here is a very handy score.


Hole 18 Steele’s Brae

Par 5
Yards 467
S.I – 4

If you have a score going walking on to the last tee then this hole is daunting to say the least, Out of bounds all the way down the left from tee to green and no shot on the right means the drive is key, be smart and take 3 shots to hit the green and have a putt for your 4 or 5, be bold and you could be writing down NR on the card and realising it’s another 0.1 for this week.